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Welcome to USA Goju Organization​!


USA Goju Karate Organization under the direction of Master, William A. Liquori. Beginning with Okinawa and following the migration of the art to Japan, then to the United States and eventually to Orlando, Florida where Master Liquori’s main dojo was located.


Today, karate is a world-wide sport and it is always best to look within the history and lineage of the art so that the true spirit of karate-do can be conveyed to our students and to future generations.  As karate has spread and developed as a sport it has become a greater challenge for us as teachers to see that our art is taught properly so as to preserve the true spirit of the martial arts. Our practitioners’ adhere to the traditions of several generations.  


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Goju has a vast and rich history that dates back more than 170 years. Today Goju is practiced all over the world. If you are a parent who wants to enroll their child to teach discipline, respect, and good sportsmanship or an older person who wants to live an active, healthy life style our dojo is dedicated to help you reach your goals. Please contact us to learn more.

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